Yachting is a passion. It is a pleasure to share that passion with everyone of our guests. We expect each one of our guest to treat the boat, cruise and safety of each passenger with respect... Captain knows best and will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our guests.  We want everyone on-board to have a fabulous time on the water. Each and every passenger must complete and sign our release of Liability and abide by our policies.

All yacht/boat charters include a captain. Our yacht rental on Lake Travis can be completely customized with additional amenities to improve your overall yacht rental experience. 


Deposit can be made through Venmo or Paypal

Deposit is required

Minimum of 2 week cancellation required!


  1. Each passenger must sign a release of liability waiver, no exceptions!
  2. Safety is our top priority, all guests must obey the captains instructions.  He’s there to keep everyone on-board safe.
  3. The boat is to be operated by the captain supplied only
  4. No smoking in cockpit, cabin or bow(front) of boat. You can smoke on the swim platform when the boat is not in transit. Any damage done to boat from smoking will be assumed by the renter.
  5. Absolutely no feminine products are to be flushed down the toilet. The marine waste systems instantly plugs. If the system jams, the renter is liable for costs to repair.
  6. No pets, silly string, glitter, or confetti is allowed on-board. All of these cause an extensive amount of cleaning and staining on the boat.
  7. If anyone is under the age of 21 and are going to consume alcohol, they need to be accompanied by a parent (Captain will check IDs)
  8. We allow people to party hard and drink, but if you are heavily intoxicated and having trouble in the water, we will pull you out of the water. We have never had anyone drown under our watch, and we don’t plan on that ever happening. We have pulled people before; they thanked us for doing it when they sobered.